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Re: Areca SATA cards

> The fan concerns me too, but there are ways around that.  I have a very
> bad taste in my mouth with LSI.  I have a SATA 150-6, which is supposed
> to be true hardware raid.  I have tried it on Sarge, Etch, Sid, SLES9,
> SUSE 9.3, with all possible combinations of kernel and drivers, and
> right now I finished testing it on Win2k3 server, and it performs like a
> dog with 4 discs in raid5.  Worse than a single disc does.  I've had the
> card replaced - no joy.  So I think I'll give LSI a skip.  All that's
> left then is Areca or 3ware (at least in my part of the world.

It seems that only 3ware has full kernel support integrated into the stock
Debian kernel, right? I don't think the Areca drivers are in the stock
Debian kernel (yes, i know you can roll your own kernel, but it would be
nice to think one can put the Debian install disk in and start right away
without having to make custom ISOs).

Or maybe someone can tell me where we can download Debian install disks
with Areca drivers?

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