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Re: Windows IPSec/L2TP VPN client and Linux server with RADIUS, and PPP.

Steve Kemp wrote:
On Thu, Sep 08, 2005 at 03:31:23PM +0800, Jim Barber wrote:

As for docs, I was thinking of perhaps submitting some of my own since
I have to write all this up anyway.
Where do you think I could submit this doco to so that it ends up in
a useful resource somewhere?

  You'd be most welcome to submit it to my site...

# Debian System Administration

Your site being www.debian-administration.org I assume?
I was looking at that yesterday trying to find an answer to this problem :)

Once it's ready, I'll see if I can submit it.
Does it need to be in HTML format?
At the moment it's just plain text being typed up in 'vi'. :)

Jim Barber
DDI Health

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