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Re: Maildir quotas

also sprach Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> [2005.08.28.1520 +0200]:
> Which is quite correct, but not what I asked you about.  Please make your
> test MDA output a permanent error to postfix, and watch what postfix will
> do.  If I am correct in my suspicions, it should reject the message with a
> 5xx immediately, without queueing.

How would 4xx and 5xx be different? There are four different cases
to consider:

  1. the SMTP connection is still open and

     - a temporary error occurs: 4xx
     - a permanent error occurs: 5xx

  2. the mail has been accepted and a 250 was sent to the client in
     response to a <CR>.<CR> after the DATA/354 exchange.

     - a temporary error occurs: postfix keeps the mail in the queue
     - a permanent error occurs: postfix generates a DSN to the
                                 envelope sender

I am arguing that by the time procmail is invoked, the 250 has been
sent and (1.) is out of reach. This is what my tests show, whether
it was a permanent or temporary error.

To be able to do a 4xx/5xx requires a policy server to be invoked
during the smtpd conversation. It seems not possible with postfix to
deliver mail to a command or delivery service without queuing it
first. The local(8) daemon doesn't communicate with smtpd, it only
communicates with nqmgr. Look at
http://www.postfix.org/big-picture.html and you'll see what I mean.

You could only do at-SMTP-time with a before-queue policy server. It
would be quite a mistake to attempt to do delivery at this time,

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