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Re: Debian woody - Invalid operand errors

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> Well, started to work on the upgrade to 2.6.8 on one of the two
> servers
> today.  Tried two methods, 1 using the .deb file, the other doing a
> compile.
> Using the Deb file, I got a warning about the fact that there was no
> initrd.img file on the drive.  The 2.2 Kernel I has didn't need it.

Was it saying there was no initrd on the disk, or that you didn't
have one in lilo.conf. When I have upgraded in the past using the
dselect,  if I am running lilo, I have to manually insert
"initrd=/initrd.img" or something in /etc/lilo.conf. If you need,
I'll be happy to send you a copy of it.

Of course, if you are running grub, ignore the entire above paragraph.

> The compile appeared to run just fine however, on bootup I got a
> Panic
> with a "Cannot open root device "301" error.
> Reading docs, it talked about making sure that IDE had been enabled
> when
> setting the kernel options, which I tunned on the Generic IDE Hard
> Drive
> option.
> Anyone got an idea?
> Running an amd 2.4 motherboard, pretty standard Seagate IDE 80 GB
> hard
> drive.
> Scott
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