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Re: Debian woody - Invalid operand errors

I second the overall response (VERY strongly) to not use 2.2 -- 2.2 is very ancient by Linux' standards. Honestly I'd go to stable, which is now sarge, AKA Debian 3.1 and go from there.

Another thing I would do is go and downlaod and run a copy of memtest 86, that will tell you if you have bad ram rather than blindly replacing it. The other possibility is cooling issues, and motherboard BIOS bugs. I've had it several times in this past year where two machines, same vendor, received same time, would behave VERY differently, one occasionally refusing to even POST. The problem was the BIOS.

Don't even consider 2.2 kernels on a server, and really Woody is now deprecated for new installs too since Sarge is now stable.

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