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Re: Debian woody - Invalid operand errors

Michelle Konzack wrote:

Am 2005-08-13 11:44:47, schrieb Scott Mohnkern:
We're seeing something really strange with a relatively new (a couple of
Running vmlinuz-2.2.20-idepci Kernel.
We've replaced the ram, replaced the drives, reinstalled the OS, and are still seing the problem.

I think, you should replace the Kernel.
Nobody use it and it has many BUGs.

We've got another virtually identical server, that's not seeing these
               A server and runnig this Kernel ?

Anyone got any ideas?

Replace the Kernel with a 2.4.27 and if you realy want to run Woody,
get the Kernel-Image from <http://www.backports.org/>.



Thanks, we've tried a couple of kernel updates, and when we reboot after the updater, the machine locks on bootup. I know that from 2.20 to 2.4 they did some major reorganizing of things, and I haven't quite figured out what I'm doing wrong. (We'd been running Sun boxes for 9 years prior to this, and we're porting over to Debian)

I'll keep reading, but if anyone knows what this 2.20 kernel would be working fine in one machine, and not the other, help would be appreciated.


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