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Re: Web-page based proxy service

Peter Clark wrote:
I would like to provide a proxy service that can be used only by accessing a web page. In other words, I don't want users to enter proxy details in their browser settings, but rather, if they want to go through a proxy, they can visit a webpage, enter a URL in a form, and the page (and all subsequent pages) will be funneled through the proxy to the user. I believe that anonymizer.com does something similar. But hopefully you get the idea.

I played around with CGIProxy for a while, although I don't really use it anymore.
Might suit your needs.


I found it didn't work very well for JavaScript heavy stuff like Hotmail (which
is to be expected) but for most sites it worked adequately.

I had to apt-get install libnet-perl libnet-ssleay-perl and make a minor change to
the script at line 3935:

#           $how_much -= Net::SSLeay::blength($got);
            $how_much -= length($got);

Coz Net::SSLeay::blength wasn't working for me.



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