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Re: Web-page based proxy service

On Friday 14 January 2005 03:56, Peter Clark wrote:

>     I would like to provide a proxy service that can be used only by
> accessing a web page. In other words, I don't want users to enter proxy
> details in their browser settings, but rather, if they want to go through a
> proxy, they can visit a webpage, enter a URL in a form, and the page (and
> all subsequent pages) will be funneled through the proxy to the user. I
> believe that anonymizer.com does something similar. But hopefully you get
> the idea.

What about using a transparent squid proxy?  Squid supports a tonne of 
authentication methods.

If you put squid as people's default gateway then you can transparently 
redirect all web requests through squid, if they hadn't authenticated then 
you could have an authentication box pop up or redirect them to an 
authentication webpage if you prefer.

Not sure of your topology so this may not be a suitable solution (I know it's 
not quite what you asked for).
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