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How to get hpasm module on HP Proliant?

Hello again,

More on the HP Proliant ML350G3.

It seems that to get a fully-fonctionnal woody on Proliant, we need
the hpasm kernel module. E. g. some colleagues reported that without
it fans will be stuck at high speed. I suppose that there is no
RAID disk failure logging either.

These hpasm and a collection of other tools are supplied by HP
only for supported distros (RH, SuSE, UL) in RPM format, tailored
for these distros.

The only tip I found about that is
As I understand, it is a script that does alien to have a .deb and
then does some adaptations.

Does anyone here running HP Proliant:

- tested the above script?
- succeeded in adaptating the HP RPM stuff to woody?

Any remarks welcome.


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