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Re: How to get hpasm module on HP Proliant?

Hello everybody,

Emmanuel Halbwachs a écrit :
These hpasm and a collection of other tools are supplied by HP
only for supported distros (RH, SuSE, UL) in RPM format, tailored
for these distros.

The only tip I found about that is
As I understand, it is a script that does alien to have a .deb and
then does some adaptations.

Does anyone here running HP Proliant:

- tested the above script?
- succeeded in adaptating the HP RPM stuff to woody?

So I tested this script and it worked ok for me on a
ML350G3. More on this below.

Markus Oswald a écrit :
I'm currently working on a website for that: www.debian-on-proliant.com
Currently there is only a basic framework and a hardware-matrix online,
but I hope to get some real content soon
Comments, suggestions and especially contributions are welcome!

I appreciate the effort! I think two links has to appear as they
were the key for me:

  [1] http://people.debian.org/~taggart/boot-floppies/
  [2] http://www.sk-tech.net/support/HPrpm2deb.sh.html

Dan MacNeil a écrit :
Make the site a Wiki, or at least add a wiki section. Lowers the barrier
to contribution a great deal.

I agree and I certainly am willing to contribute.

More détails on the installation.

This script installs:

- hpasm-7.0.0-21.rhel21.i386.rpm
- cmastor-7.0.0-16.linux.i386.rpm
- cpqacuxe-7.0-1.linux.i386.rpm

(note that the latest version on HP/Compaq website is 7.1.1)

The hpasm (HP Advanced Server Management, I guess) packet gives:

- two kernel driver modules which control the server's supervision ASIC:
    - cpqasm
    - cpqevt

- these modules create some entries in /proc:
  - cpqfan
  - cpqpci
  - cpqpwr
  - cpqtemp

- some tools in /sbin:
  - imlbe
  - hpuid
  - hplog
  - hpimlview
  - cpqimlview
  (there is manpages for them)

The cmastor (Compaq MAnagement STORage, I guess) packet brings
some daemons:

radar:~# /etc/init.d/cmastor start
Starting Storage Agents (cmastor): All agents
   Starting Storage peer (cmastorpeerd):
   Starting Storage Event Logger (cmaeventd):
   Starting IDA agent (cmaidad):
   Starting FCA agent (cmafcad):
   Starting IDE agent (cmaided):
   Starting SCSI agent (cmascsid):

With cmastor, I have now log entries in hplog -v when I
unplug a hard drive.

The cpqacuxe (ComPaQ Array Configuration Utility XE ?? I guess)
packet provide the create/modify tool for RAID arrays. It is a
http(s) web server, same as the one on the "SmartStart" CD that
comes with the machine.

For the moment, I test with a backported 2.4.26 kernel from
http://www.backports.org (kernel-image-2.4.26-1-686-smp).
In order to get the above script to work, I had to install
the according kernel-headers-2.4.26-1-686-smp.


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