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Re: How to get hpasm module on HP Proliant?

Emmanuel Halbwachs wrote:

Hello again,

More on the HP Proliant ML350G3.

It seems that to get a fully-fonctionnal woody on Proliant, we need
the hpasm kernel module. E. g. some colleagues reported that without
it fans will be stuck at high speed. I suppose that there is no
RAID disk failure logging either.

These hpasm and a collection of other tools are supplied by HP
only for supported distros (RH, SuSE, UL) in RPM format, tailored
for these distros.

The only tip I found about that is
As I understand, it is a script that does alien to have a .deb and
then does some adaptations.

Does anyone here running HP Proliant:

- tested the above script?
- succeeded in adaptating the HP RPM stuff to woody?

Any remarks welcome.


Hi, Currently we have a few HP proliant DL 380G3 and I took documentation from this site and manage to get this working. I didn't use this script there was a web page with the instruction but I think they replace the instructions set by this script. With this tool I am able to know if there are changes in the status of each power supply, the fan or the hard drives.

If you need more information to get this working feel free to mail me off list.

Sorry for my bad english.

Daniel Poulin
Administrateur de réseau / Network Administrator
(819) 822-3777 ext. 132

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