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Re: spamassassin memory leak bug with bayes

Am 2004-07-23 15:19:33, schrieb Dmitry Golubev:
>Is it possible that it is because of grsec and acl patches that I use to my 
>2.4.26 kernel? Or I have to a make different MailScanner configuration if I 
>run it inside of a chroot?

I do not know, because I do not use grsec and acl patches.
I use only kernel-source-2.4.26 from the Debian mirror.

Befor I used the Duron 1600 I had an old HP Vectra XA5/200 
with 64 MByte and it was working fine with spamassassin. 
OK, the LoadAverage was around 8-12 but it was working correctly



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