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Re: spamassassin memory leak bug with bayes

Hello Dmitry, 

Am 2004-07-23 00:50:51, schrieb Dmitry Golubev:

>1. Running exim4 with MailScanner without Spamassassin - OK
>2. Running exim4 + MailScanner + Spamassassin... hmm... well that kind of 
>behavior... In this case MailScanner eats up all my 1GB of RAM and my 2GB on 
>swap, and also all my CPU (Xeon 2.4GHz with HyperThreading enabled). Nothing 
>is logged, nothing shows something is wrong

Hmmm, I have a Duron 1600 with 128 MByte of Memory and 200 MByte of 

Has 4 Domains, and around 30-40 $USER. 
In plus there are 36 local $USER which use 176 E-Mails fetched from 
differnt ISP's 

I am using courier-{mta,imap,pop3,mlm,authpostgresql,webadmin} and 
have tried to fuck my Server wit 20000 Worms and Viruses and around 
1.000.000 Spams... Using f-prot and spamassassin 2.63 via spamc. 

The Virus and Mail-Sending Testserver was a Athlon 2000. All two 
Servers are connected to a 3Com SuperStack III with GigaBit Ports. 

LoadAverage was around 5.3 on the Server. Exactly, it is my local 
FileServer where the /home is stored and exported via NFS.

>3. Fighting with it for a 4 or 5 hours found that version 2.60 (note that I 
>have version 2.63) had a bug that could lead to this when bayes is enabled... 
>Disabled bayes, and that it...
>It seams it is really a bug, but please suggest any workaround...

In 2.60 or 2.63 ?
There is nothing which eat up memory in 2.63...

But it seems, there is a bug in 2.99



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