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Re: IMAP before relay (was: pop before smtp relay)

--Sunday, June 20, 2004 00:26:48 -0600 Nate Duehr <nate@natetech.com>:

> Ward Willats wrote:
>> Yeah, everyone _should_ use AUTH (and heck, SSL), but for a
>> boutique  server with few relayers, pop-before-smtp still works
>> very well, thank  you, with no existing client configuration
>> changes.
> Anyone know of any good way to implement IMAP before relay for
> those of us that left POP3 in the 80's where it belongs?  ;-)

Well, the pop-before-smtp packages just watches for successful
logins in your mail-log. Therefore it should work with IMAP, too.
Although I haven't checked since I never came across a customer
with a MUA that would support IMAP but fail to use SMTP-AUTH...

Cheers, Marcel

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