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Re: You can start saving now

> there are couple of solutions to original problem of mr Dale Martin,
> some mentoined by others, like limiting number of connections etc. or

I was the one who said ultimately we throttled our mail via limiting
concurrent connections etc and we've been fine for some time.

> adding ram. the real solution is not to use SA, because it was not
> projected for this load.

?!  We have < 20 users on our mailserver, hopefully it can handle that load
on that hardware...  I do think that more RAM is the answer - it takes 14M
per concurrent incoming message for the processing time.  Once you start
swapping you're hosed.

Perhaps SA would be better implemented in something else, but like everyone
else says, memory is cheap.  Whatever makes the SA developers most
effective is fine by me at this point.

Dale E. Martin, Clifton Labs, Inc.
Senior Computer Engineer
pgp key available

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