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Re: RaiserFS via NFS

Am So, den 18.04.2004 schrieb Andrew Miehs um 01:16:
> I suggest you all read
> http://www.porcupine.org/postfix-mirror/newdoc/NFS_README.html
> Especially the sentence
> 'Thus, Postfix on NFS is slightly less reliable than Postfix on a local 
> disk.'
> Either something is reliable or not. there is no such thing as slightly 
> less reliable.

I suggest you read it first...

Quote from NFS_README.html:
# In order to have mailbox locking over NFS you have to configure
# everything to use fcntl() locks for mailbox access (or switch to
# maildir style, which needs no application-level lock controls).

So if you use maildir (which you probably will with a setup like this)
you won't have any problems with NFS at all.

And yes, we run setups like this - with some hundred thousand mails per
day - and never had a problem...

best regards,
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