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Re: RaiserFS via NFS

I suggest you all read


Especially the sentence
'Thus, Postfix on NFS is slightly less reliable than Postfix on a local disk.'

Either something is reliable or not. there is no such thing as slightly less reliable.

Especially when it comes to mail. With Maildir you will have less problems than with mbox, but you still do NOT have atomic transactions, and as such you will at some stage
statistically have a problem.


On 17.04.2004, at 21:55, Maarten wrote:

On Saturday 17 April 2004 20:22, Michael Loftis wrote:
You can not, and DO NOT put your mail spool on NFS. You *WILL* have *HELL* to deal with. It WILL corrupt your users mail, it WILL lose mail. It will
NOT work.

Yeah.... Well.... My ISP, as have others undoubtedly, has their mailspools on a bigass NetApp, mounted over NFS. They must be out of their friggin' minds!

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