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Re: RaiserFS via NFS

Hello All!

Please please note that the filesystem's name in question is not r_a_iserFS, but r_e_iserFS. It was given that name by it's inventor Hans Reiser. ReiserFS as I stated before does not "raise" anything (except maybe the usable disk space when working with many large files).

Concerning the NFS question: There are several services out that do their error-correction by themselves and don't rely on tcp's error correction. E.G. error correction for an audio stream maybe to drop a paket without doing harm to the listening quality.

I do not know if NFS has an internal error correction but I heavily assume it. Every thing else would make absolutely no sense. NFS will have request pakets again if the sequence numbers go out of sync. Maybe it can do that more efficient than TCP by reconstruction of lost pakets/data via checksum (science-fiction ?) Using TCP has advantages if you use IntServ instead of DiffServ QoS or do firewalling with NFS.

Maybe there was an "bad LAN" Michelle's case and NFS had to re-request mayn pakets?

Best Regards,

Michelle Konzack wrote:
Am 2004-04-17 23:29:56, schrieb Dan MacNeil:

On Sat, 17 Apr 2004, Michelle Konzack wrote in part:

But use a self-compiled Linux with nfs and nfsd compiled WITH
"TCP" and "v3" support.

if you mount your server add "nfsvers=3,tcp" to it otherwise it
will use UDP which is realy not good.

Why? from my (maybe wrong?) reading of the docs, the advantage of TCP is
that it is hard to spoof given that it is connection oriented.

But with UDP you no Error-Correction !
The quality of the connection increase with TCP. (own experience specialy for large files)

I plan to run NFS on a completely internal network and configure iptables
to drop packets from outside the network. The NFS server will not be
connected to the outside world and the application servers will have 2

My NFS works like yours too.

NICs one for the internal Gb/sec 10.0.0.* network and one for the outside

Am I right in that nobody on the list knows whether or not any advantage
to running raiserFS is swallowed by NFS?

RaiserFs is a realy fast filesystem for very much smal files....


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