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Re: RaiserFS via NFS

On Sat, Apr 17, 2004 at 12:22:57PM -0600, Michael Loftis wrote:
>You can not, and DO NOT put your mail spool on NFS.  You *WILL* have *HELL* 
>to deal with.  It WILL corrupt your users mail, it WILL lose mail.  It will 
>NOT work.

DO you KNOW what maildir IS?

// George

>--On Saturday, April 17, 2004 12:51 -0400 Dan MacNeil 
><omacneil@brave.cs.uml.edu> wrote:
>>I've just converted from mbox to maildir
>>Right now there are some users with 500 files in a directory, I expect
>>this go grow.
>>I expect this figure to grow. RaiserFS is looking good.
>>The benefits of running a central storage server and a bunch of separate
>>web/smtp/pop3/spamfiltering/ftp/ servers, one storage server running not
>>much more than NFS all connected with a cheap Gigbit switch are also
>>appealing to me.
>>Is there any benefit to RaiserFS if I am accessing it via NFS ?

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