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Re: debian on HP proliant

Am Sa, den 17.04.2004 schrieb Nathan Eric Norman um 18:22:

> > > The installer from woody has built-in support for the cciss controller
> > > on at least the Proliant DL 580 G2.
> > 
> > > It works smoothly, but lacks support for the default installed 3com
> > > gig-ethernet adapter (tg3 driver), once installed,
> > 
> > The network installer for sarge detects the t3 gig-ethernet adaptor
> > automagically. --We're moving to Sarge now.
> This is true, but d-i doesn't support booting off the SmartArray
> because the cciss driver is a module.  I already installed onto a
> DL360, but couldn't install a bootblock.

Hu? I installed Woody (bf24) on a couple of DL380G3 without a hitch -
the cciss works just fine and you can of course boot from it.
The only "special" thing I do is to load the module for the installed
NIC (Broadcom bcm57xx - tg3.o) so I can download a new kernel as soon as
the base-system is installed...

> I don't want to put too much time into this; our company has a lot of
> Compaq/HP and I've been asked to find out how hard it is to install
> Debian.  If it's too hard (read: time invested is too high) then
> we'll go buy IBM instead for the Linux servers.

We have a lot of them in production too - BECAUSE they're fast to setup
and work flawlessly... ;o)

best regards,
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