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Re: RaiserFS via NFS

Hello Michael,

Am 2004-04-17 12:22:57, schrieb Michael Loftis:
>You can not, and DO NOT put your mail spool on NFS.  You *WILL* have *HELL* 
>to deal with.  It WILL corrupt your users mail, it WILL lose mail.  It will 
>NOT work.

Experience with mailbox ;-)

Right, if I open linux-kernel as mailbox then I have the Hell with 
a 37-40 MByte big file which will locked... and fetchmail can not 
add new messages or you have deleted one and your mailbox ned to 
be updated...

But th OP was talking about Maildir !!!

You have on file for each Message...
No locking and other troubles...

I have on my FileServer (nfs-kernel-server, netatalk, samba) more 
then 4,7 million Messages und use it day for fay. never lost one 

The only thing I have done was to filter this in ~/.procmailrc

:0 fh
| formail -f -I Received: -I Envelope-to: -I Delivered-To: -I Return-path:

to save Diskspace (blocksize 1024 Bytes)

>Michael Loftis


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