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Re: manual update of apt database (was Best way to update perl on Woody Stable?)

> other 10%, I download source and install. So, is there a way to manually update the apt
> database to tell it a package is installed. The reason I use Debian is because, for most of my

> Back to my original question. At this point, how do you tell apt that the package is
> installed. I assume I can find out by RTFM'ing, but since you suggested it, maybe you know.

> Rod

The equivs deb. Nice little piece. I use it for telling Deb that my Sun
1.4 JDK Provides: java-compiler, java-virtual-machine, java2-runtime,
java2-compiler. This makes all the java stuff that is required by the
various debs go away.

You can also use it to setup dependancy info. So if you know all the
debs you need for x installation. Set it up, install and walk away. Come
back and your server is installed.

Course, for that I tend to prefer:
$: dpkg --set-selections < deb.txt && dpkg --pending -i
The only drag is that I don't run a local repository, so the package, in
my case, lancejvm is listed as obsolete/local so you have to remember
not to uninstall it.


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