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Re: manual update of apt database (was Best way to update perl on Woody Stable?)

Rod Rodolico wrote:


3. (if you have a lot of time on your hands)

  download the debianised source for perl 5.8 from "unstable" and
  recompile it on your woody system. do the same for any module
  packages that you need. i.e. backport the new perl to the old debian.

  a lot of people recommend this method. personally, i find it to be
  far too time consuming, for very little benefit. far easier (and much
  better tested) to just run unstable.

Back to my original question. At this point, how do you tell apt that the package is

If i'm understanding the question correctly, you would simply do:

# echo perl hold | dpkg --set-selections

(and repeat the command for all the specific packages (deb files) you've built/installed)

   good luck,

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