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Re: SpamAssassin Causing Server Startup Failure

On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 18:44, David Bishop wrote:
> On Friday 10 January 2003 10:11 am, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder 
> wrote:

> > For some, this is near impossible - I'm in Zurich, my server is in
> > Bern...
> Then I don't understand how you would expect staying in runlevel 1 would work 
> at all: init 1 doesn't start up network services. 

That's true, too.

>   How *do* you troubleshoot boot problems?

So far, I didn't have to. Back in the SuSE days I once killed libc. That
was a trip to Bern and a long evening. I only had a RHat CD at hand, so
I installed RH over the existing SuSE (I learned... never do this!).

The next bigger case was the complete reinstallation of the system. This
was done remote with installing Debian onto another partition and then 
booting into that, again without problems.

(Christian: yes. the nullmodem cable approach would server, too, I

-- vbi

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