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Re: SpamAssassin Causing Server Startup Failure


> server I can try this in. Unfortunately, I don't quite know how to force a
> Debian server to stay in runlevel 1 during the boot process.

I cannot really help you with your Spamassissin problems but if you do not
want to process any startup scripts at all then from lilo use :

linux init=/bin/sh

Then you will get a shell with / mounted read only. To make changes do :

mount -o remount /

You do not have to include the "rw" flags, for me it seems to mount it
rw by merely specifying the remount option. When you are finished do :

mount -o remount,ro /

and unmount any other filesystems you may have mounted. Then reboot. I
don't know how "proper" this method is but it stops Debian from going to
runlevel 2 first (which it seems to do) and also does not bring up any
network interfaces.

Cheers, Fred.

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