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Re: Consolidating user databases

On Sun, 2003-01-12 at 12:06, Simon Bland wrote:
> LDAP was my first thought, but I've never really played with it, I've
> seen a few comments on Exchange using LDAP for an address book, but not
> as a source for it's own configuration.
> I'll take a look into LDAP and see what I can find.
> Also, I'd really like to replace Exchange, but as I understand that's
> somewhat of a 'Holy Grail' for us all. Does anything out there come
> close to a replacement? The main things this place uses it for is the
> shared calander and shared folders - from outlook, and they aren't
> likely to take well to moving away from what they are familiar with.

Not sure about the shared folders, but calendar is supposed to work
nicely with the ximian products.

-- vbi

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