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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

      I'm a sysadmin in a small ISP here in Argentina, and I'm not using 
osirusoft rbl, why? fibertel. What's that? A big cable-ISP (in .ar, obviously) 
who gives BOTH dinamic and static IP address for their customers, the
mails coming from the static one are (mostly) legit mails from real and
well configured mail servers, OTOH the mails coming from dinamic
addresses are (mostly) spam. The IPs are all (aparently) mixed so you
can't blacklist the entire block, if I do (as osirusoft does) the
tsunami of complaints goes directly to my boss, and guess who is the bad
Is the mixed IP addresses issue osirusoft blame? I don't think so.

Another example: infomail.infovia.com.ar, it is listed as an open relay
in ORDB.org (well done), but I had to manually whitelist in my access
file because they are one of the "big guys" and don't bother to
configure the mail servers right...

On both cases I've sent tons of mails to postmaster/root/abuse/info...

What is my point?

We don't have the enough human resources (We are just 6 for sysadmin/helpdesk/
php programming/cisco config/html design) and customer base to make them
change their policy. 
If, for example, AOL starts using osirusoft/orbl, they surely start
worrying about that. Until that moment arrives I have to indirectly
support them.

                              Germán Gutiérrez

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