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Re: OT: Server side scripting languages comparison

> the bigest problem with perl based solutions is ...perl. Perl is great
> provided a) you already know it well, b) you never need to fix it. Anyone
> new to scripting languages should probably not start on perl if they can
> help it. At first it will confuse and frustrate you, and eventualy render
> you indispensable as the only person in the company with half a chance of
> decrypting all the perl code you've written.
> Not wanting to start a language war... all popular languages are good and
> vise-versa... for their particular task. Everyone should learn them all. I'm
> not convinced anything big is perls particular task... but quick and dirty
> stuff...yeah.

Heh, those are good comments for a language war. :) Even if you 
don't want to start it.

Personally I like perl. It's way more robust then anything 
outside of the compiled languages. It's worth knowing because 
the applications for it are much more vast then PHP.

I find php much like vbscript. Admittedly I stopped using it when
it was version 3.x, so I don't know if 4.x is any better. In
version 3.x my biggest problems was the lack of any design to
enhance tiered or scalable development. If you want to build a db
driven website then you were required to use db dependent
functions. That truly sucks. The dbi concept in perl is much more

I can't speak about python, I know perl why would I need it?

As Craig said, and I endorse,

"why bother learning a language ( .... ) suitable for web
applications when for about the same effort you can learn a
general purpose language that can be used for web applications,
systems administration, any kind of data mangling, and other
general scripting tasks?"


Lance Levsen,
Systems Administrator,
PWGroup - Saskatoon

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