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Re: OT: Server side scripting languages comparison

On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 09:55:38AM +0300, jmtapio@kirahvi.com wrote:
> In perl I would type "if ($debug) {", move a few lines down and type }. 
> In python I would type "if debug:", press C-space, move a few lines
> down and type C-c >.
> I do not consider this a problem because a) emacs has a nice python
> editing mode (propably vi has one as well), b) C-space and C-c are
> easier to type on my keyboard than (){}$-characters, c) the whitespace
> has to be there anyway for readability.

You need to try cperl-mode in Emacs.  It makes writing Perl code a LOT

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