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Re: OT: Server side scripting languages comparison

Although this might be off-topic, I'll just make a quick note.

On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 04:08:21PM +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
> b) spacing is syntactically significant.  this is REALLY dumb.  in perl
> or C or any other reasonable language, if you want to comment out a
> block of code temporarily while debugging something you just wrap it in
> a construct like "if ($debug) { .... } ".  in python you have to
> re-indent the block so that it knows that it's within the "if ($debug)".
> the only reasonable description of that is pathologically stupid.

In perl I would type "if ($debug) {", move a few lines down and type }. 
In python I would type "if debug:", press C-space, move a few lines
down and type C-c >.

I do not consider this a problem because a) emacs has a nice python
editing mode (propably vi has one as well), b) C-space and C-c are
easier to type on my keyboard than (){}$-characters, c) the whitespace
has to be there anyway for readability.

Anyway, python is not designed for web scripting and might not be the
optimal solution for it most of the time. But let's not start a
language war.

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