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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

> the same problem occurs for anyone unfortunate enough to use a clueless
> or spamhaus ISP.  it's got NOTHING to do with the fact that it's asian.
> spamhaus and open relay ISP's *MUST* be blacklisted regardless of what
> continent they are on.

Then please... go ahead and block rackspace netblocks, along with Sprint
(they sign pink slips with spammers according to Spews), Level 3 (they
regularly have spammers in their netblocks).... don't want to block them?
DARE not to block them?

> the answer is the same regardless: FIND A CLUEFUL AND HONOURABLE ISP.

Like I said... time and again... PROVE that iAdvantage in the last 6
months has had more complaints than similiar-sized ISPs... and if you
can't, then block all the USA ISPs of similar size (it was YOU who said
you don't care what continent they are on, right?). I'd tell you to then
block similar sized ISP and network providers in AU and NZ, but none
compare in size except for Telstra, and even they aren't in that field

> if you don't want to do that then you'll just have to accept the fact
> that some sites are going to reject your mail.  tough luck.  shit
> happens.  deal with it.

As I said in a previous email:

It was once said that it is better to let off 10 criminals than to put 1
innocent man in jail.

You, on the other hand, suggest it is better to put 10 innocent men in
jail for 1 criminal.

Interesting thought.

> > Or maybe you don't have Asian friends that live in Asia.
> irrelevant.  like many people i don't want mail from any open relay or
> spamhaus, regardless of what continent they happen to be in.

Oh... if you can't communicate with your friends, business partners,
relatives, etc. in Asia, I think somehow that you'd care a little more.
Perhaps because things don't affect you, you don't care, just like more

It's gotta hit you on the head before you care.

Maybe you are like like many Americans that didn't care about terrorists,
even though bombings and terror were affecting people in Ireland and other
parts of the world on a daily basis, UNTIL it hits them straight on in the
face. Then they suddenly care.

Maybe if communications to Asia is important to you, and suddenly you find
that you cannot communicate with people important to you in Asia, you'd
care a little too.

> > How narrow minded.
> how selfish of you to insist that fighting spam is less important than
> your decision to use a clueless or spamhaus ISP.

How sad that you think it is worthwhile to put 1 innocent man in jail, so
you can jail 10 criminals.

Again... perhaps you'd care a bit more, if you were that man.

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