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Re: Logrotate weekly prerotate everyday?

On Sat, 03 Aug 2002 at  9:13:50 -0700, Ward Willats wrote:
> Hello Folks:
> I call a local script from...
>     /etc/logrotate.d/apache
> ...in Debian 3.0 to run Analog reports. It is supposed to run once a 
> week, but it runs every day:
>    /var/log/apache/*.log {
>            weekly
>            missingok
>            rotate 52
>            compress
>            delaycompress
>            notifempty
>            create 640 root adm
>            sharedscripts
>            postrotate
>                    /etc/init.d/apache reload > /dev/null
>            endscript
>            # -- added by ward 28Jul02
>            prerotate
>                    /etc/run_weekly_analog_reports.sh
>            endscript
>            # -- end ward
>    }
> My tiny mind thinks a "prerotate" block should only be executed 
> "weekly" once it has been decided to perform a rotation. Not every 
> time cron/logrotate peeks into this "apache" file. What as I missing?
> (I have fixed the problem by checking the day of the week in my local 
> reporting script, but I'd still like to understand my disconnect with 
> Perfect Understanding of the One True Way(tm).)

I'm going to write not a solution of your particular problem with
logrotate but a tip for "bypassing" it.

I don't know why your "prerotate" section is executed daily instead of
weekly; I don't use any "prerotate" blocks but a few "postrotate" ones
work OK for me, i.e. "weekly" are executed weekly, not daily.

Anyway, if logrotate doesn't work properly for you, you can use ordinary
crontab entry, scheduled some time (e.g. 10 or 15 minutes to be sure)
_after_ the time your weekly rotation goes on. This way you have to process
already rotated logs (probably with suffix .1).

End even better: create separate, unprivileged user just for Analog
processing (you will have to arrange permissions so that this user has got
read access to logs and write access to resulting Analog files).
The less programs running as root, the better.

And just purity remark (as you care for "True Way", which is a good thing
:-) ):
don't put your home-brewed programs or scripts in /etc/. This is not a
place for them. They should be in /usr/local/bin (or sbin). 

Hope this helps
 Tomasz Papszun   SysAdm @ TP S.A. Lodz, Poland  | And it's only
 tomek@lodz.tpsa.pl   http://www.lodz.tpsa.pl/   | ones and zeros.

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