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Re: Maildirs in Debian

<quote who="Germ?n Gutierrez">

> Jeff,
>      please share the cons/pros with us

The following document provides a good analysis of why Maildir was more
appropriate to Courier IMAP's general audience and tasks (the SELECT.1
benchmarks are telling):


To me, the differences can be summarised as a compromise between random
access, speed and memory. On my server (I use Postfix and Courier IMAP),
Maildir provides very fast random access to email, low memory usage, and no
locking/access issues.

On my desktop machine I use mbox because my usage patterns and requirements
lean towards the use of massive, searchable mail folders and little interest
in saving memory. Once the mailboxes are open, access is enormously fast. I
have no serious locking issues, because it's just me and procmail writing to
the mboxes.

I don't think either system is ultimately (or religiously) the best, because
they're appropriate for different uses. Our role as technology providers is
to analyse these choices, rather than defend them. :-)

- Jeff

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