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Re: Logrotate weekly prerotate everyday?

On Sat, 3 Aug 2002, Ward Willats wrote:

> ...in Debian 3.0 to run Analog reports. It is supposed to run once a 
> week, but it runs every day:

> My tiny mind thinks a "prerotate" block should only be executed 
> "weekly" once it has been decided to perform a rotation. Not every 
> time cron/logrotate peeks into this "apache" file. What as I missing?

I have same issue (on a Red Hat Linux box) that I just noticed earlier
this morning. (Well worse: mine runs "postrotate" everyday too.)

My /etc/logrotate.d/apache also is set for weekly (and the logs are
rotated correctly every Sunday at 4:00). But it always runs the postrotate
commands everyday at 4:00 too.

(Sorry this is not Debian-specific. This is logrotate-3.5.4-1 RPM.)

I'll have to look at this further ...

  Jeremy C. Reed
echo 'G014AE824B0-07CC?/JJFFFI?D64CB>D=3C427=>;>6HI2><J' |
tr /-_ :\ Sc-y./ | sed swxw`uname`w

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