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Re: Question about NetSaint and check_radius

On Sun, 4 Aug 2002 10:32:22 -0700, "Tony Wasson"
<ajwasson@inficad.com> wrote:
>I am wondering if anyone uses NetSaint and specifically the check_radius
>plugin. I have gotten NetSaint installed and working wonderfully. I am
>fighting with the check_radius plugin and getting "Config File Error". I saw
>a few posts on the netsaintplug-help list and it mentioned checking the
>permissions. I still haven't been able to get anything interesting out of
>the check_Radius plugin. Ideas or comments appreciated.

We use the checkradius plugin. Here's my config:

|command[check-radius]=$USER1$/check_radius --hostname=$HOST_ADDRESS --filename=/etc/radiusclient/radiusclient.conf --username=$ARG2$ --password=$ARG3$

|haber@lauren[5/501]:/etc/netsaint$ cat /etc/radiusclient/radiusclient.conf | grep -v '^\(#.*\)\?$'
|auth_order      radius,local
|login_tries     4
|login_timeout   60
|nologin /etc/nologin
|issue   /etc/radiusclient/issue
|authserver      localhost
|acctserver      localhost
|servers         /etc/radiusclient/servers
|dictionary      /etc/radiusclient/dictionary
|login_radius    /usr/sbin/login.radius
|seqfile         /var/run/radius.seq
|mapfile         /etc/radiusclient/port-id-map
|radius_timeout  10
|radius_retries  3
|login_local     /bin/login

The plugin needs the package libradius1 and radiusclient1 installed
(both have version 0.3.1-7 on our system), and it generates a
truckload of syslog entries like
|Aug  5 08:23:59 lauren check_radius: rc_get_seqnbr: couldn't open sequence file  /var/run/radius.seq: Permission denied
|Aug  5 08:23:59 lauren check_radius: rc_avpair_gen: received unknown attribute 235 of length 4: 0x00000001
|Aug  5 08:23:59 lauren check_radius: rc_avpair_gen: received unknown attribute 244 of length 4: 0x00000000

the sequence file error can probably easily be fixed, but I do not
understand the "unknown attribute" error.

The netsaint mailinglists are very unhelpful, unfortunately.


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