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Re: Looking for qmail, vpopmail, webmail solution

> I'm in the process of building debian/woody packages containing the most
> recent versions of vpopmail and vpopmail-enabled courier. Unfortunately
> it may take a few extra weeks since I'm involved in many other projects.
> I'll keep you informed just in case ;-)
> Best regards,

I thought Sanjay (please excuse me if I got your name wrong, as the last
time I communicated with you was a year ago and I am working from memory)
created the original vpopmail debs?

So insteaed of recreating the wheel, why not start from there instead? I
know that perhaps the latest vpopmail stuff is incompatible with the
previous, but at least it may help to have a base to start from.

On another note... do you plan on making it easy for those of us using the
previous "older" vpopmails? We use the vpopmail packages, and it would be
terrible if we had to manually upgrade each box. Perhaps some sort of
"upgrade" script or program, or SOME way to upgrade as painlessly as
possible? I am sure those of us using the existing vpopmail implementation
would be greatful (at least I would!).



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