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Looking for qmail, vpopmail, webmail solution

Hi Gurus!

I am trying to set up a mail toaster on a Debian Woody system.

Here are the requirements:
 - qmail
 - pop3
 - pop3 authentification _not_ against /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow
 - virtual pop3 users
 - webmail access

qmail is installed and works fine. I tried to implement vpopmail and sqwebmail, but I was not able to get it to work. The sqwebmail debian package does not come with vpopmail authentification included. My attempts to build it from the source package with modified rules file all failed.

vpopmail as such works in combination with the pop3 server. sqwebmail works with authentification against /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow.

Did anyone out there already implement qmail/vpopmail/sqwebmail successfully and can give me some hints?

Are there any other combinations of applications that meet the requirements (Debian packaged preferred)?

Any help is highly appreciated!



Dieter Heiliger | dieter.heiliger@gmx.de  (private)
                  dieter.heiliger@sun.com (business)

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