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Re: Looking for qmail, vpopmail, webmail solution

On Fri, Jun 21, 2002 at 10:21:41AM +0200, Dieter Heiliger wrote:
> Hi Gurus!
> I am trying to set up a mail toaster on a Debian Woody system.
> Here are the requirements:
>  - qmail
>  - pop3
>  - pop3 authentification _not_ against /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow
>  - virtual pop3 users
>  - webmail access

Just what I use down here on the farm ;-)

> qmail is installed and works fine. I tried to implement vpopmail and 
> sqwebmail, but I was not able to get it to work. The sqwebmail debian 
> package does not come with vpopmail authentification included. My 
> attempts to build it from the source package with modified rules file 
> all failed.

It (recompilation) works for me with just trivial changes to ./configure
line in debian/rules. What kind of problem do you have?

> vpopmail as such works in combination with the pop3 server. sqwebmail 
> works with authentification against /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow.
> Did anyone out there already implement qmail/vpopmail/sqwebmail 
> successfully and can give me some hints?
> Are there any other combinations of applications that meet the 
> requirements (Debian packaged preferred)?

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