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Re: webmail

On Jun 17, Christian Hammers wrote:
> Wow, great work!
> Useful would also be remarks about 
>  * how fast it is (does it "feel" sluggish?)
>  * how good it deals with *big* multipart mime mails (people like to
>    send 50MB Excel sheets via mail. Crashes some of those systems..
>  * activeness of development (sometimes noted).
> You could maybe add those fields and ask people visiting your web page
> for their experiences to complete them... anyways, please don't remove this
> page, I will surely need it soon :-))
well the review page wasn't done by me, it was something I came across
whilst looking for suitable webmail services :)

The ones I was interested in seemed easy enough to set up and so it
shouldn't be difficult to test them and remove them without feeling you have
put wasted work into your 'testing'.

As for the sluggish factor as I mentioned there are online 'previews' and
usually an indication to what hardware is underneath the webserver (if not I
think useful information can be extracted from the HTTP headers) so you know
what sort of hardware you need to 'hide' the sluggishness.

have fun and let me know what you find out about them.  I'm yet to personally
test them until we get our domain registered and the e-mails coming in :)


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