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Re: webmail

On Sun, 2002-06-16 at 18:09, Russell Coker wrote:
> What's a good webmail system to use?
> There are several in Debian, I've had experience with IMP, but that 
> experience has been mostly painful.  Upgrading it is always difficult, and 
> the packages insist on Postgresql even though it's not needed at all unless 
> you have a cluster.
> How do the other webmail systems compare?
> Calendaring support which integrates with Outlook would be a bonus, but apart 
> from that I just need basic functionality.

I have tried "most" Debianized Webmail package combinations.  For "only
email" and throwing in calendaring support, you are describing the
sqwebmail with courier-pcp (Personal Calendaring Protocol).  The
sqlwebmail package actually has the documentation for PCP.  It is a
logical extension to also use the courier-imap and pop servers which
will also require the courier-authdaemon package.  OTOH, that gives you
a basketful of authentication mechanisms.

Disclaimer: I have not used courier-pcp (yet) and have not had the
courier packages under load.  However, all courier packages install
cleanly (woody), are relatively easy to configure, and of course, use
the Maildir storage format.  The calendar goes in there as well.  The
IMAP/POP combination was the only combined solution I found without some
sort of conflict or complexity.  Still prefer Postfix as the mail
server.  My testing phase is complete, deployment awaits time and

And I certainly have do not have the potential user base on a scale that
you have reported to this list on earlier occasions. 

We just need to figure out which pieces to apply in various combinations
to optimally meet the needs of our different user communities. 
-- Bdale Garbee, Debian Project Leader

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