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Re: Debian GNU/Linux as email & DNS server

On Fri, 07 Dec 2001 11:04:01 +1100 (EST), Donovan Baarda
<abo@minkirri.apana.org.au> wrote:
>As a matter of interest, what is the story with all the imap and pop 
>implementations? The debian woody "mailserver" task includes qpopper and uw-
>imapd. What's wrong with the much smaller ipopd, which is uw-imapd's pop 

This is flame war material.

Generally, I keep my hands off any UW software because the UW people
are not very security aware.

>What are peoples experiences/comments? Are the ssl variants worth using?

I like Courier because it is one very flexible package and it does all
variants that might be needed: pop/imap in both ssl and non-ssl. There
is even an MTA which I have never looked at, though.

As opposed to Cyrus, Courier uses a standard mail spool (in maildir
format) which can be accessed by third-party software for debugging

The author of Courier has a quite difficult ego, but since Courier
mainly works, you don't have to flame him too often.


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