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Debian GNU/Linux as email & DNS server

Hi all,

We are going to use a debian box as email and DNS server. The goal is
duplicate the functionality of a host which is using sendmail 8.8, xinetd
(pop3) & bind. I thought to use:

    Debian GNU/Linux 2.2r3 (potato):
        sendmail 8.9.3, postfix, or ...
        xinetd (pop3: qpopper 2.53 instead of ipopd 4.7c)
        bind 8.2.3

However we want to add SMTP AUTH support which sendmail 8.9.3 does not

A friend advice me use postfix, which he says is easier  than sendmail to
configure it. However, the potato postfix version is too old. Anyway I  have
found a DoS alert about postfix < 20011115 today. It does not seem good yet.

The potato sendmail version is old too and does not support SMTP AUTH

Must I use potato with some packages upgraded to woody?.
Must I use woody instead of potato?.
What is the state of woody as ISP distribution (email&dns server)?.

Note: I have choosen debian as default option due to its 'apt-get' utility.
It is easy install the automatic system of fixing security bug using the
proper debian server, althought I think debian does not offer installation
on a Journaling FS or a software RAID.


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