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Re: help with site+database

On Sun, 22 Jul 2001 00:40, Bulent Murtezaoglu wrote:
> >>>>> "RC" == Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> writes:
> [...]
>     RC> The only systematic benchmark results that have been published
>     RC> are of comparing Maildir to mbox.
> Have a URL handy?

No.  I believe that Brad Knowles gave a presentation at LISA incorporating 
results from Postal.  If you can't find it then let me know and I'll get the 
URL for you.

>     RC> Some of the hardware guys at VA were talking about working on
>     RC> such things with me at one time, but I think that deal's
>     RC> cancelled now...
> If it's not proprietary, I'd like to take a peek at what you were
> considering (notes etc.).  Ideally I'd like to be able to parse the

We were considering comparing different mail servers and different 
configurations of RAID hardware to determine how to get best mail store 

> MTA and popper logs, generate a model for users/traffic and then test
> systems with the typical load * some multiple.  Seems tricky because
> one might also need to simulate slow dial-up connections and such.

For slow dial-up connections other software is needed.  I have already 
designed it, just haven't had time to implement it.

http://www.coker.com.au/bonnie++/     Bonnie++ hard drive benchmark
http://www.coker.com.au/postal/       Postal SMTP/POP benchmark
http://www.coker.com.au/projects.html Projects I am working on
http://www.coker.com.au/~russell/     My home page

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