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Immediate logout with IMP (Repost from debian-user)

I've been trying to set up IMP on a Woody box, and everything appears
to be almost working correctly.  I can log in get and get a listing of
my inbox.  But as soon as I try to read a message, or do anything
else, I get logged out and bumped back to the login screen.

>From doing some google searches, I understand this is a common
problem, but I can't find any answers to it.

Apparently the problem has to do with the session variables not being
saved and restored.  Using the /horde/test.php3?mode=phplib-horde
page, I get:

Per Session Data: 1
Session ID: 7ec6e5b639714807c996491258198c12

If this page works correctly, then you have a correctly configured
HordeSession class. You should be done with PHPLIB setup.

Apparently, the "Per Session Data" counter should increment each time
I reload the page, but it doesn't.  I assume that's where my problem

Anyone have a clue how to fix it?


Brian Nelson <nelson@bignachos.com>

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