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Re: latest postfix for potato? (was:Re: Compiling bind_8.2.3-0 for slink)

On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Russell Coker wrote:

> > Any suggestions other than building all of those for potato (and no, I
> > don't want to upgrade yet).
> I have .deb's of the latest LDAP stuff for Potato.  I didn't build them 
> though.  Hopefully we can establish some sort of official repository for such 
> things and manage them properly...

My vote would go not for a package repository in the first instance, but
for a knowledge repository - HOWTOs and/or HINTS for these kinds of
problems (I'm assuming that most of us here are capable of rebuilding
packages, or are capable of learning to do so).

In that theme, do you have anything resembling a HOWTO or HINTS for
building latest LDAP for potato, like say the recipe that was used to
build those packages?


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