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Re: POP3 and SMTP server for an ISP

On Sat, 17 Feb 2001, [iso-8859-2] Litzler Mihály wrote:

> I'd create cronscripts for MySQL. There's only a little problem, I can read
> on the site virtual domain users should use "user:domain" user for checking
> mail via pop3. Right now my users have to use only a pop3 username without
> any domain for checking mail, but virtual domain are fully supported (there
> are many users, so I can't tell them guys use "user:domain"...).

I also have an IP-based solution: one realm (passwd file, mailbox
directory) per IP.

If you don't have multiple users with the same name (i.e. jcr@foo and
jcr@bar), then you can just have these users continue to use just their
username and it will fall back to the standard /etc/passwd (or PAM)  
authentication. But if you dod have multiple users with the same name then
they must be separated somehow (i.e. the IP-based solution or adding
domain name to user name in POP3 client).

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