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Re: POP3 and SMTP server for an ISP

>If you don't have multiple users with the same name (i.e. jcr@foo and
>jcr@bar), then you can just have these users continue to use just their
>username and it will fall back to the standard /etc/passwd (or PAM)
>authentication. But if you dod have multiple users with the same name then
>they must be separated somehow (i.e. the IP-based solution or adding
>domain name to user name in POP3 client).

Well, right now the name of the pop3 user name make no sense. If there is a
"joe23" pop3 user and he wants johny@foo and joetheone@bar emails, I create
different aliases in the different alias tables (foo,bar). If joe23 alias is
not added, he get no mail as joe23. Because of this there is no domains
needed for authentication.

Do you think I could use a same system?

Mihaly Litzler

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