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Re: multiple MTA's

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Maurice Verhagen wrote:

> Hello,
> For our company network we want to have a "quite" secure mail
> environment. On W32 clients we want to use Lotus Notes R5. We have a
> mailserver running Debian with Exim and on this machine I also installed
> Domino. The Domino MTA is running on port 26, Exim on port 25.
> How can I set up mail exchange between those two mailsystems? The reason
> for using Exim as the only mailer to accept external mail is the security
> aspect, there are some exploits in the Domino mailsystem.
> Does anybody have experience with this?

if you use domino as the internal smtp server, and exim as the external,
you should make domino use exim as a smarthost. I've done something like
this running two instances of exim with different configs.



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