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Re: multiple MTA's

> > For our company network we want to have a "quite" secure mail
> > environment. On W32 clients we want to use Lotus Notes R5. We have a
> > mailserver running Debian with Exim and on this machine I also installed
> > Domino. The Domino MTA is running on port 26, Exim on port 25.
> > How can I set up mail exchange between those two mailsystems? The reason
> > for using Exim as the only mailer to accept external mail is the
> > aspect, there are some exploits in the Domino mailsystem.
> >
> > Does anybody have experience with this?
> if you use domino as the internal smtp server, and exim as the external,
> you should make domino use exim as a smarthost. I've done something like
> this running two instances of exim with different configs.

Along with using the smarthost, you could probably bind each MTA to its own
interface, that way they can both run on port 25, but exim on your external
address, and domino on the internal one.


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