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Re: pop3 and Maildir


We are using for custmer Maildir mail spool in user's home directory 
by solid-pop3d and postfix.
If you can use Debian/woody box for mailserver, you use solid-pop3d deb.
We made and used solid-pop3d debian package from woody source.

> Hi, I was wundering if anyone knows of any pop3 daemons for Debian that
> support the Maildir format.  We are currently using exim as our MTA with
> courier-imap for access to the mailboxes.  I have as yet been unable to
> find a courier-pop3d package for Debian, and it would seam that this is
> only available as part of the entire courier MTA package which provides
> imap, MTA, mailing lists, and such. 

ARAKI Yasuhiro

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